中学1年生:「The First Speaking Test」





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授業を担当してる教員の一人に"The First Speaking Test"の様子を尋ねてみました。

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  First year junior high school students face many new challenges as they adapt to a new level of education. One such challenge is their first English conversation speaking test. They were able to meet that challenge and gave some really good presentations.
  For the first unit of their English conversation experience, the students practiced giving self-introductions and answering questions about themselves. The first few lessons began getting them into the habit of speaking and responding using simple English. Then, the students practiced speaking in front of the class to gain presentation skills. This built up to their first speaking test: a self-introduction presentation.

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  In the test, each student came to the front to introduce themselves, sharing their name, likes, dislikes, etc. This gave students the opportunity to get to know each other and for the teachers to learn more about their interests. After the students introduced themselves, the teachers asked them a few questions about their lives. Pushing students beyond simple memorization moves them to the beginnings of true communication. The students gave some fantastic presentations and had fun telling us about their lives.  From here, the students will continue building their skills and confidence.

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  The next unit will give students more practice answering questions about themselves and their lives. By focusing on the question-answer speaking skill, we can help students become more fluent and prepare them for the impromptu conversation skills later in the year. As we get close to the end of the term, we will give the students ample practice in writing and speaking to prepare for the final test.

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  The first speaking test can be difficult for students, especially coming to the front of the class. This year, however, everyone worked hard and gave some fantastic presentations. It is a great start for their new English journey.

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